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Practices & Procedures

The physics of how cuttings move from the bottom to the top of the well does not change in relation to what is being drilled. Operational requirements will vary according to hole size, inclination, the drill string and subsurface pressure limits. From experience of drilling the world’s longest wells, Merlin’s onsite advisors are experts in ensuring that the practises and procedures employed on your Geothermal well are consistent with what is done internationally in other environments, getting you up the learning curve quickly and helping to avoid mistakes.

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Proactive Performance

Geothermal wells require excellence in execution. These developments are often characterised by marginally positive project value with payback periods Stretching into decades. Problems executing wells, leading to cost over-runs are very likely to push a marginal project over the edge. Merlin’s advisors take a proactive approach to well delivery and performance management onsite. They support our clients Drilling Supervisor in ensuring that focus never deviates from what the well needs at any given point.

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Onsite Mentoring & knowledge transfer

Having an additional pair of experienced eyes at the well is cheap insurance. Economic conditions have conspired to create an inexperienced labour force across all aspects of the drilling business. Merlin’s onsite personnel typically have 20 years plus of experience in well execution, often as Drilling Supervisors, or highly experienced senior service hands. This knowledge allows us to see problems developing before they become critical, allowing us to guide and mentor personnel at the rigsite.

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AV Calculator
Annular Velocity (AV) is one of the “Three Pillars” of effective hole cleaning in high-angle wellbores, with the other two being pipe rotation and the low-end rheology of the drilling fluid.
Stuck Pipe Tool
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Better trained people make better decisions. It is really that simple. If the plan is pushing the team out of their comfort zone, time in the classroom learning about the fundamentals and talking through critical success factors will improve reliability of well delivery.


Execution is make-or-break time. Effort and energy expended during planning needs to be harnessed and directed to assure operational success. Merlin can support your field operations with people that have real expertise and experience, and have the know-how and energy to drive success within your team.


We developed TDH to leverage our industry-leading process knowledge honed on the worlds most complex wells. What was available commercially didn’t cut it for us, in the way we need to use data when on location or in the office.