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Pre-drill assessment

Understanding the geological environment is a critical factor in reducing risk. Once the risks are identified, wells can be successfully planned with appropriate measures in place to mitigate for high-risk factors. 

Having knowledge of the pore pressure and fracture gradient conditions at the planning stage informs mud weight choice and allows the well design to be optimised. 

Being able to predict the conditions under which formations may fail leading to tight hole conditions, packing off, or stuck pipe, or worse, allows hole cleaning practices to be built-in up-front, properly addressing these wellbore stability issues 

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Risk Mapping

Once the risks and causes have been identified, an integrated risk map of the well can be defined that evaluates the probability and consequence of each, the mitigations necessary, and the residual hazards. 

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Post-drilling Assessments

Capturing the geomechanical characteristics, risks and any successful mitigating factors deployed will ensure that models for future wells can be better informed. Merlin build this into end-of-well reports as part of the lessons-learned process. 

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Merlin Tools

AV Calculator
Annular Velocity (AV) is one of the “Three Pillars” of effective hole cleaning in high-angle wellbores, with the other two being pipe rotation and the low-end rheology of the drilling fluid.
Stuck Pipe Tool
Description about stuck pipe tool goes here.

More Geomechanics Services


Understanding how the risks and mitigating factors identified at the planning stage impinge on operational delivery is greatly improved through training. Merlin has developed a geomechanics course specifically targeted at drillers that covers all that is required to ensure knowledge and awareness levels are where they need to be to successfully deliver.


Execution is make-or-break time. Effort and energy expended during planning needs to be harnessed and directed to assure operational success. Merlin can support your field operations with people that have real expertise and experience, and have the know-how and energy to drive success within your team.