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Understanding of in-situ rock stresses are the foundation for any successful horizontal, high angle or extended reach well. Merlin’s Geomechanics engineering capability ensures that our clients understand the limits of their subsurface system, and how these limits affect a planned trajectory and wellbore architecture. Understanding these fundamental factors allows wells to be planned which meet their objectives, in complex and challenging stress environments.

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Wellbore Stability modelling:

One dimensional (1D) poro-elastic models are built and calibrated based on field data to enable the drilling team to understand the limits the subsurface environment imposes of their loading envelope. A comprehensive report has been generated, providing detailed information on offset wells used for calibration, rock properties utilised in the modelling (including limitations and assumptions), pressure gradients, definition of mud weight limits through the creation of stereo plots, and an assessment of the impact of drilling fluids on rock strength. This aspect is particularly crucial but often overlooked, contributing significantly to a thorough understanding of wellbore stability in deviated hole sections. The recommendations presented in our reports are not mere rocket science; rather, they are rooted in the practicalities of drilling high-angle and extended-reach wellbores, ensuring reliability.

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Risk Mapping

Following the development of a wellbore stability model, we can take the outputs and use them to build a roadmap for drilling the section based on the likely occurrence of cavings. We integrate uncertainty in pore pressures, collapse gradients, fracture and stress fields to provide you with a tool which will enable proactive hole condition management and give early warning of potentially adverse drilling conditions.

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More Geomechanics Services


Understanding how the risks and mitigating factors identified at the planning stage impinge on operational delivery is greatly improved through training. Merlin has developed a geomechanics course specifically targeted at drillers that covers all that is required to ensure knowledge and awareness levels are where they need to be to successfully deliver.


Execution is make-or-break time. Effort and energy expended during planning needs to be harnessed and directed to assure operational success. Merlin can support your field operations with people that have real expertise and experience, and have the know-how and energy to drive success within your team.