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“Training improves overall drilling performance and extends your team’s capability. It’s important to have everyone operating from the same common knowledge baseline in order for people to understand why things need to be done the way they are programmed, which may be different from the way they’ve been done before.”

Neil Armstrong, Engineering Director

ERD Course Types

Better educated people make better decisions. Merlin’s training is designed to teach the fundamental aspects of high angle drilling which lead to successful outcomes, from a basic understanding about how high angle wells differ from vertical wells, through to detailed explanations around where torque, drag and hydraulics loads come from and how they need to be modelled and managed to assure success operationally. We also talk about cleaning up, tripping, stuck pipe risks, wellbore stability, and many other topics on our engineering and operations open seat courses, available to anyone with an interest or responsibility for drilling operations. This course is normally run over three days when in a face-to-face setting or over five half days if being run remotely.

For a large development projects or high profile wells, clients often ask us to tailor a course for their specific requirements. Merlin base the curriculum on the fundamental topics surrounding hole cleaning and condition monitoring, can add and subtract additional modules based on the geological environment or the risks likely to be encountered. We can also take specific aspects of the well design or previous operational lessons learned which are used to craft individual or group exercises to reinforce critical topics. The courses can be taught face-to-face when conditions allow, or virtually when necessary.

In addition to the classroom and remote training on offer, Merlin has successfully incorporated simulator time in order to reinforce key learning outcomes. These courses take place face-to-face, with around 50% of the time spent in the classroom  and the remaining 50% of the time in the simulator, running exercises which reinforce the theoretical material taught in the classroom. In addition, we can structure simulator exercises based on situations the delegates are likely to experience on the next well they are going to drill. It all adds up to a compelling training experience which adds value to all team members – from the Drilling Manager to the Derrickman.

I would like to thank you for the support in our best performed well. Merlin are part of this success!

Passion in performance is the energy that move us into projects to impact the Argentinian drilling market. We are happy to have Merlin as an partner to help our team to deliver unparalleled results every day, not only with the studies executed but mainly with the remote operation performed.

Delegate from course in Argentina

Course Overview

Highly Recommended

Painful experience has shown that even the most robust drilling programme can fail through incorrect implementation techniques.

Due to the increased challenges and numerous procedural revisions associated with high angle wells, educating personnel on how to identify issues before they become problems is crucial in delivering a successful deviated well.

Invest in yourself, your team and ultimately your results by attending Merlin ERD’s Horizontal & High Angle Operations & Engineering Training Course.

What will I Learn?

  • How to determine the maximum reach from your location
  • Key planning considerations to delivering trouble free wells
  • Root cause of problems encountered in high angle wells
  • Identifying minimum equipment specifications for ERD projects
  • What others are doing around the world to assure success
  • Latest tools and techniques used to reliably deliver ERD projects
  • How to minimise downtime due to 3rd party tools

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