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Utilising data form sensors, logs and drilling operations, Merlin has geomechanics and drilling expertise that can identify potential instability problems, possible causes, and who can help your drilling team avoid hazards and implement contingencies as required.

Merlin Tools

AV Calculator
Annular Velocity (AV) is one of the “Three Pillars” of effective hole cleaning in high-angle wellbores, with the other two being pipe rotation and the low-end rheology of the drilling fluid.
Stuck Pipe Tool
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More Geomechanics Services


Understanding how the risks and mitigating factors identified at the planning stage impinge on operational delivery is greatly improved through training. Merlin has developed a geomechanics course specifically targeted at drillers that covers all that is required to ensure knowledge and awareness levels are where they need to be to successfully deliver.


Engineering plays a crucial role in supporting geomechanics for drilling. Through advanced technologies and techniques, engineers analyse the behaviour of rocks and soil, assess the stability of wellbores, design efficient drilling strategies, and ensure the safe and sustainable extraction of oil resources.