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Horizontal, high angle and ERD engineering and operations

This course is designed to deliver high angle, horizontal and extended reach drilling training to engineering and operations personnel across the entire team. It combines the fundamental factors associated with high angle drilling success along with advanced engineering topics, real-world examples and detailed operational deep dives ensuring everyone in the team understands the risks and opportunities, and how their role contributes to overall project success.

Horizontal, high angle and ERD operations

This course has a more practical focus then the engineering and operations training, as well as a shorter duration. Bringing key members of the execution team together before spud to understand where the risks are, and the reasons for doing things in a certain way is a sure-fire way to improve operational execution. We still train on the fundamental technical aspects of high angle, horizontal and extended reach drilling but with more focus on the practical aspects such as making connections, tripping, back-reaming and proactive hole condition monitoring.

Stuck pipe prevention in high angle and ERD wells

This course is based on real-life events and lessons learned from actual stuck pipe investigations Merlin has completed on behalf of operators over the last 15 years. The course provides your team with the knowledge to understand root causes, risk factors and risk reduction options, leading to a lower chance of an event and better outcomes if you do get stuck.


Merlin has developed a comprehensive geomechanics course, developed specifically for drillers. Understanding wellbore stability limits in any high angle hole section is critical for successful execution. We start at the beginning; from the causes of geomechanical stresses and how models and built and interpreted, through to what a wellbore stability problem might look like depending on the stress regime and more importantly, how you can recognise and avoid problems occurring in the first place. As well as the science, we focus on the practical application of drilling processes and technology to mitigate, manage and control these risks.

Course Delivery

Tailored to each project, for each team

Pre- and Post-Course Assessment

Assessment is fundamental to gauge the level of understanding of each topic and measure the level of learning throughout the course.  Merlin will provide a detailed report with the assessment results, highlighting areas of strength and where further development may be required.

Experienced Trainers

Merlin courses are taught by industry experts each of whom has 20 years’ ERD/complex well experience.  The team is led by Engineering Director, Neil Armstrong.

Training Material Access

All delegates retain access to Merlin’s training material after all courses, providing a valuable on-going resource via our online training platform.

Flexible Course Content

Course content can be modified to suit individual programs, including case studies based on the risk profile of your project/well.  Our trainer can also be present at the DWOP to present the risk factors and mitigations.

De-risk your project, train your team for success


Good drilling practices & numerous examples / case studies

Geologist, Malaysian OperatorJanuary 2023

Very well presented course, great sequence of slides and descriptions

Drilling Engineer, UKNS OperatorJune 2023

This rig crew training opened a closed mindset

Drilling SupervisorJune 2023

The interactive quiz on our smart phones was ingenious

Assistant Driller, Australian OperatorJune 2023

Working through the real-life examples analysing mistakes leading to stuck pipe events was really informative

Drilling Engineer, Australian OperatorJune 2023

· Great instructor, kept the course interesting, good real-life examples

Drill Site Manager, Oman OperatorNovember 2022

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