Course Overview

What will I Learn?

This training aims to equip professionals in the petroleum industry with the knowledge and skills to analyze the behavior of rocks under subsurface conditions. Participants will learn various geomechanical concepts, including stress analysis, wellbore stability, hydraulic fracturing, and reservoir depletion. Through practical exercises and case studies, attendees will gain hands-on experience in applying geomechanical principles to real-world scenarios.

Who Is It For?

This course is ideal for geologists, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, and other professionals involved in reservoir characterization and wellbore stability assessment. become problems is crucial in delivering a successful deviated well. Invest in yourself, your team and ultimately your results by attending Merlin’s geomechanics training course.

3-Day Course Agenda

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Geomechanics Quiz

Test your knowledge on drilling extended reach, high angle and complex wells.

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Geomechanical problems can significantly contribute to drilling related NPT. Understanding the risks through modelling is integral to effective well design and to successfully drilling wells with complex geometries or those that are in challenging geological environments.


Execution is make-or-break time. Effort and energy expended during planning needs to be harnessed and directed to assure operational success. Merlin can support your field operations with people that have real expertise and experience, and have the know-how and energy to drive success within your team.