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Drilling engineering specialists Merlin welcomed two recent recruits from the Americas to Perth, Scotland to meet the team.

Merlin’s Perth based Engineers with Jaime and Luis

Expansion in the Western Hemisphere

Head of Development, Luis Gonzalez and Western Hemisphere Engineering Manager, Jaime Avendano are set to accelerate Merlin’s expansion in the Western Hemisphere from their base in Houston, Texas. The pair are industry veterans, each with over 20 years of experience drilling some of the world’s most complex extended reach or horizontal wells in basins across the globe. Energy security in its various forms is currently a topic for serious conversation in senates, parliaments, and board rooms around the world. Luis and Jaime enhance Merlin’s ability to support our clients, ensuring that drilling CAPEX is spent wisely, with a focus on maximizing value from new developments whilst simultaneously facilitating maximum economic recovery from mature fields, reducing the requirements for raw materials for these types of industrial energy projects.

Western Hemisphere Engineering Manager, Jaime Avendano and Head of Development, Luis Gonzalez

Complex Wells. Delivered.

Whilst Merlin’s focus is on drilling for gas and oil – in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, the company now include heat (Geothermal) and drilling foundation piles for the latest generation of offshore wind turbines in our basket of services. The requirements for offshore wind, whilst not setting benchmarks in terms of length or depth of the wells drilled, come with a host of fascinating technical challenges related to the water depths involved, sizes of the holes to be drilled and scale of the equipment to be installed to support the turbine, none of which are trivial. As the market for offshore wind power increases, as demonstrated by the recent ScotWind offshore wind leasing round, Merlin is well placed to bring drilling project management expertise from oil and gas into this arena. Our work on an offshore wind farm being installed offshore in extremely challenging conditions demonstrates there is an opportunity to bring process and procedure from an oil and gas drilling perspective to add material value to these sorts of installation jobs.

Merlin HQ featuring the solar energy smart flower

“The impact of being accessible, along with their native Spanish speaking ability has very positively impacted our ability to undertake office based engineering and field work for clients in North and South America.”

Adding another layer of technical competence


Merlin’s Managing Director, Ron Ramage commented. “We were pleased to welcome Luis and Jaime to the Merlin mothership in Perth. Pandemic working has kept Luis away for longer than anticipated as he has been with Merlin as a staff member for more than a year, whilst Jaime however only joined the team 3 months ago. We have seen a sustained ramp up in activity in the Americas primarily driven by Luis’s business development activity, and having Jaime engaged adds an extra layer of technical competence to the organisation enabling us to better serve our Western Hemisphere clients. Being accessible and Spanish speaking has enhanced our ability to undertake office-based engineering and field work for clients in North and South America.”