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The Merlin team held a team lunch to celebrate Neil and Tony’s incredible 10-year journey. Pictured with a delicious cake, we also enjoyed good food, and plenty of nostalgia. Managing Director, Ron Ramage decided to put our memories to the test with a quiz about the world of 2013, the year Neil and Tony joined our merry crew. Remember when Miley Cyrus twerked up a storm at the MTV Video Music Awards? Yeah, we had a good laugh about that. And who could forget all the hoopla surrounding the birth of Prince George, becoming the youngest heir to the British throne? Can you name the song that topped the charts for the longest time in 2013, hint: is your memory too blurry?

Since joining the Merlin team in 2013, Neil and Tony have consistently demonstrated their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of drilling engineering. Excelling in developing cutting-edge ERD techniques, they have helped clients overcome challenging drilling scenarios, enabling access to previously unrecoverable reserves in fields around the world.

Neil and Tony holding a cake in celebration of their 10 year work anniversary

Throughout their tenure, Neil and Tony have contributed to countless successful projects, receiving accolades from both clients and industry peers. One of the most notable highlights described by both was trip to Buckingham Palace to meet Her Majesty the Queen, accepting the prestigious Queen’s Award on behalf of the business. Neil had enjoyed a little too much of the Queen’s champagne and found it more efficient to slide down the banister than take the stairs! Thankfully this went un-noticed and the corgis were not released.

“Neil and Tony’s contributions over the past decade have been remarkable. Their passion, technical prowess, and commitment to excellence have significantly elevated Merlin’s position in the market,” said Ron Ramage, Managing Director. “We are incredibly proud of their achievements, and we look forward to further success as we continue to innovate and tackle new challenges in the industry.”

Here’s to many more years of shared memories and incredible accomplishments with this amazing team!

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