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New Sports Equipment for SprintSquad Athletes

It’s almost a year since the Merlin team first met the SprintSquad and watched them in action training at the track in Perth, Scotland. Last year, Merlin supported the Perth-based sprinters and coaches with branded performance clothing. The company is pleased to maintain this sponsorship, and this year has provided specialised sports equipment including; a resistance harness, heart rate monitor, step up board and medicine balls, all with the aim of enhancing the squad’s training sessions.

Coaches and the SprintSquad

The sprinters are making continual progress improvements both physically and mentally. Their scheduled sessions include strength training and plyometrics, refining their sprinting technique with various drills, and improving their speed and endurance through specific track workouts.

SprintSquad head coach Alan Erickson said, “ The sprinters are required to develop a range of skills and capacities to help them technically and tactically execute a sprint race. We train for strength, power, speed and endurance at all times of the year, as they are critical to the demands of a sprint race, along with efficient and effective technique. That’s where the type of equipment provided by Merlin can help make a difference to training and performance”.

“Merlin can take inspiration from the discipline and dedication of the sprinters and is delighted to see the squad enjoying sessions with the new equipment”.

Managing Director, Ron Ramage

This hard work benefits the group on and off the track; some of the skills such as improving physical performance, and mental resilience to train whatever the weather will be invaluable for years to come. For Merlin, it’s all about supporting the local community where we can.  It’s a pleasure to follow the exciting journey of these inspiring young athletes.

Merlin wishes the squad all the best for next season.

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