Consecutive BHA failures caused by bit and underreamer interaction

Merlin performed an independent review of two incidents that occurred while drilling a recent ERD well. The objective of the investigation was to identify the root cause of the failures and to propose engineered solutions to prevent similar failures occurring in future runs.

9-5/8″ Floated Casing Installation

This case study explains how we helped a client address a casing installation challenge by combining engineering and operations support with our TDH software.

Problem Formation Overcome With ERD Operational Practices

This case study looks at a multi-well development project from six fixed offshore installations with sub-sea satellite tie-back wells. Challenging high angle hole sections in large hole sizes through unstable shales and depleted zones prone to losses. Drilling performance suffering from multiple lost Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHAs) and significant Non-Productive Time (NPT).


Hybrid Online Training

Find out how Merlin helped an operator upskill their team, despite travel limitations, before the start of a major development drilling campaign.


Record Breaking Land Well

Merlin helps our clients manage out these causal factors from their own operations so they can drill further, faster and more efficiently. If you’d like to see what’s possible, we’re here to support you on that journey.

Remote Operations Support

Merlin has recently supported Operators remotely in the UK, Australia, Alaska and Norway, providing expert engineering services and know-how to help them plan, execute and monitor their drilling operations.