Independent delivery assurance and support for extended reach and challenging high angle wells – from upfront engineering, training, through to execution in the field, Merlin ensures project value is delivered and objectives are met.


Tight operating margins or abnormal reservoirs create complex wells. Merlin’s MPD service is designed to allow operators to understand the options available and how these techniques will create benefit through the design and execution stages of their well delivery process.


Drilling for heat comes with its own set of challenges, demanding rigour in planning and execution to assure success in a sensitive commercial environment. Best practice, derived from lessons learned on the world’s most challenging wells ensures drilling projects are developed sustainably.


Merlin’s Drilling Engineers are problem solvers. From deep-water exploration into tectonically unstable zones, to wells in complex geomechanical environments, Merlin has seen and helped solve problems believed to be intractable, and engineered wells previously thought undrillable.


Challenging projects need rock-solid definition and a deep understanding of risk to ensure that engineers create solutions which preserve or enhance value. Merlin’s team of creative problem-solvers are on-hand to support your requirements in each of our core service areas.


Better trained people make better decisions. It is really that simple. If the plan is pushing the team out of their comfort zone, time in the classroom learning about the fundamentals and talking through critical success factors will improve reliability of well delivery.


Execution is make-or-break time. Effort and energy expended during planning needs to be harnessed and directed to assure operational success. Merlin can support your field operations with people that have real expertise and experience, and have the know-how and energy to drive success within your team.

Why work with us?

Merlin brings expertise, experience and energy to your drilling project. We know what works – we do it day after day, all over the globe.

Enhance Project Value
Oil, gas or hot water in the flow line is the ultimate end point. The quicker it gets there the better, as time to first sale often has a disproportionate effect on project value. Our core competence helps you reduce well duration, which gets the sellable product to market more quickly.
Improve Delivery Reliability
Drilling delays are expensive in terms of extra CAPEX and value loss through deferred sales. They can erode stakeholder confidence and affect team morale. Merlin provides delivery assurance to ensure that project milestones are met, operations are managed within budgets and there is confidence across the organisation that the team will deliver according to plan.
Apply Enabling Technology
Thinking about a managed pressure drilling system or using the latest intelligent RSS? We can help you identify the right tool for the job, from the myriad options out there to increase your effective drilling radius or manage challenges with depleted reservoirs.
Defer Abandonment
Accessing remote resources from a nearby installation is one way to sustainably improve the ultimate recovery of a field. Incremental hydrocarbons can keep facilities open longer, maximising the lifespan of an asset and avoiding the need for new facility construction.
Drill Further Without Equipment Upgrades
Increasing your drilling radius gives the subsurface team more options when planning ongoing field development. Merlin can help you define a maximum drilling radius for your facility and if necessary, help with the specification of equipment upgrades to exceed current limits in the most cost efficient manner possible.
Apply Industry-leading Best Practises
High performing teams follow procedures to integrate their learning into ongoing operations. Utilise the same tools, processes and systems employed on the world's most complex wells to assure a positive outcome for your project.

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One team, a common purpose and everyone benefits. What is not to like!

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Globally Engaged 

Independent partner

Merlin is an independent partner you can trust

With no ties to external businesses or parent companies, Merlin is agile and able to provide truly independent advice tailored to specific project requirements. From engineering consultation, through training, to operational support. All from a team that is personally invested in mutual success and focussed on ensuring Merlin’s clients get the best possible fit for their purpose.

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ERD Nose Plot

Pushing the boundaries

As reserves become smaller and more difficult to access, extended reach and complex wells become ever-more important enabling techniques to exploit hydrocarbons which otherwise would be uneconomic to produce. Our holistic methodology reduces drilling and completion costs, improves production rates and can help to minimize environmental impact of operations – extending the productive life of existing fields and reducing the requirement for further exploration.

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Merlin Methodology

Continuous improvement cycle

Clients leverage our knowledge and techniques to make challenging wells simple, marginal projects economical and problematic operations trouble-free.  Success comes from Merlin’s back-to-basics systems approach that integrates engineering fundamentals with tried and tested risk management techniques.  The results speak for themselves with lower drilling costs, fewer problems, more production sooner and an up-skilled workforce with ever-increasing confidence, desire and ability to design and deliver challenging wells.

  • End of well reports
  • Problem reviews
  • After action reviews
  • Offset well reviews
  • Feasibility studies
  • Wellbore stability studies
  • Detailed design reviews
  • Procedure reviews
  • Drilling manuals or guides
  • MPD equipment and rig selection
  • DWOP support or facilitation
  • High angle drilling engineering and operations
  • Stuck pipe prevention
  • MPD team readiness assessments
  • Online self-guided or instructor led options
  • Office engineering support during execution phase
  • Rig site operations support (ERD or MPD)
  • Remote operations support
  • Rig crew on the job coaching
  • Drilling optimisation

We Are

Merlin has an enviable track record of delivering value to clients through bringing additional reserves on stream without equipment upgrades with wells previously perceived as impossible. Merlin is a professional engineering consultancy and member of the UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

We provide objective advice and recommendations which allow clients to assess whether the risk and cost profile is acceptable and worthy of investment.  Merlin’s advice is driven by what is required to deliver a successful project based on proven engineering concepts rather than conflict of interest such as tool rental revenue.

Client Testimonials

The quality of the material was excellent and relevant. While a lot of the concepts were known at the start of the course, the application of the concepts was put into an improved framework. In addition, a lot of new analytical concepts was learned which will greatly contribute to my skills.

Drilling Engineering Solutions Manager

The team recently received high praise on the successful completion of the latest well in the Las Garzas Field, Colombia. This success was mainly due to the outstanding team collaboration, equipment and planning from all parties involved. The synergy between Weatherford, Merlin and Ecopetrol was undoubtedly a fundamental part of the operational success of the drilling operation from start to finish which creates additional options for Operators seeing the way the two different companies worked together as a strong team.

Directional Technical Authority

I worked with Merlin on the last well I drilled in Norway and the value of face to face discussions, gathering of data and also having them at the rig site to explain to the drillers first-hand the process to get repeatable and consistent data for the trends added so much value. Also Merlin could explain to the driller the process for picking up consistently and recording the data so that we had good consistent results and good data to act upon!

Senior Drilling Engineer

Last week I have attended “ERD, Horizontal & High Angle Operations & Engineering Training” by MERLIN ERD. Throughout my career, I have attended much technical training provided by international service and training companies. However, I should say this one was really one of the most advanced and serious training supported by real case studies of ERD wells drilled all over the world. I strongly suggest MERLIN ERD’s training to all drilling and directional drilling engineer also to Company men supervising horizontal/high angle wells. It will change the attitude of drilling horizontal wells with vertical drilling practices. This is more than theoretical training.

Engineering Director